Many of the tools and products that we use are interchangeable between applications. So, for example, something we use for the engine bay can be used for the wheels and tires. 

Lastly, having the right tools and products for the job is essential, but knowing how to use them is more important. It is not just about buying XYZ tool and calling it a day.

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Griot’s Garage G9 polisher: Used for polishing paint & Applying wax/sealants

Griot’s Garage G8 polisher: Used for polishing paint & Applying wax/sealants

Dupra Tosca™ Steam Cleaner: Used primarily for interior cleaning of all surfaces and a few applications on the exterior.

Metro Vac n Blo: It’s both a vacuum and blower. Strong suction, but you cannot vacuum water. Good for blowing water out of pockets but not strong enough to dry car.

Bissel SpotClean™ Professional Extractor: Used on cloth material like carpets, floor mats, and seats.

Active VE52 Pressure Washer: Used to clean exterior and wheels

EGO Cordless Leaf Blower: Touchless car drying

McGuire-Nicholas tool bag: Used to carry and organize all my interior brushes. 



Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL: Great at lifting dirt and holding suds

Koch Chemie GSF: Super slick, Ph neutral soap (does not strip wax/sealants)

Obsessed Garage Decontamination: solvent-based soap and is designed to strip and break down dirt, waxes, and sealants.

Optimum No Rinse: Used for rinseless washing, clay lubricant, final wipe down of interior, and cleaning windows/glass.

Wheels & Tires

TUF SHINE tire brush: The best tire brush I’ve ever used. The stiffness of the brushes and the ergonomics of the handle are incredible.

EZ Detail brushes Large/Small: Used to clean the inner barrel of wheels and hard-to-reach areas in the engine bay (can also clean inside exhaust tip).

Microfiber Madness Incredibrush Flat XL: Used to clean the barrel of the wheels

Mother’s long handle brush: Used to clean parts of the engine bay and the fenders.

Adam’s tire applicator pad: My favourite tire dressing applicator so far.

Lambskin Wheel Mitt: for cleaning behind spokes

P&S Brake Buster: Non-acid wheel cleaner

Meguiar’s Wheel Brightener: Acid wheel cleaner

CarPro Perl: Tire Dressing


Waxes & Sealants

Nanoskin clay mitt (Fine): Clay mitt I use to clay vehicles.

Nanoskin Glide: Clay Lubricant

CarPro Tar-X: Tar & adhesive remover

CarPro Iron-X: Chemical Decontamination

Meguiar’s X-Press Spray Wax: Used during the drying process to make the paint feel slick while adding shine and protection.

P&S Bead Maker: I used this as a topper on coatings

Optimum Spray Wax: I use this as a quick wax application

Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant: Liquid sealant with filling properties

Collinite 845 Liquid Wax: Liquid wax for a deep gloss

Soft99 Fusso Coat Dark/Light: Strong paste wax for extreme durability


Glass Care

Stoners Invisible Glass: Streak-free finish

Angel Wax Vision: Strong glass cleaner

Angel Wax Clarity: Concentrated glass washer fluid

Stoners Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool: For hard-to-reach places



White Drill brush attachment: Brush I attach to a drill to agitate carpet and upholstery

Colourlock leather brush: Soft bristle brush used to clean leather seats

Detail Factory Ultra-Soft Detail Brushes Large/Small: Used to clean door panels, dashboards, and center consoles.

Detail Factory Crevice Boars Hair Detail Brushes: Used for crevices and cracks

Mother’s Carpet and upholstery brush: Used to agitate carpet and upholstery

Analan pet hair remover: Excellent brush for pet hair removal

Braun 5 Pc Detailing Brush: Used for just about every part of the interior & exterior, big or small.

P&S Xpress Interior: Safe interior cleaner

P&S Carpet Bomber Cleaner: Safe carpet cleaner

303 Aerospace Protectant: UV protectant for interior and exterior surfaces

Dr. Beasley’s Car Scents: Air freshener

Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte: For heavily soiled leather

Sonax Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner: For Alcantara and upholstery


Engine Bay

Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing: Used to dress tires, dashboard, door panels, plastic, and leather.

Meguiar’s APC: For lightly soiled engines

P&S Hot Shot: Dilutable degreaser