At Elixir Auto Detailing, we offer a complete package of professional car detailing services. These services include a thorough cleaning, polishing and protection (waxing or Sealants) of a vehicle to bring it back to showroom condition.


Unlike a traditional car wash, we put quality over quantity. As a result, you can trust that each car is given the care and time it deserves. By using the best equipment, products, and techniques, we can ensure the best quality results. Whether you opt for a Polish, protection, interior cleaning, or another detailing service, you will only get your car back in the best possible condition at Elixir Auto detailing.


Our interior cleaning transforms your interior back to new conditions! Fabric upholstery, carpet and mats can be cleaned via shampoo extraction. Leather upholstery and seats can also be thoroughly cleaned. The leather upholstery is nourished and protected using a conditioner to keep the leather supple and prevent friction marks from fabrics like jeans.


Our exterior wash uses the two bucket method for a scratch-free finish. Every wash is finished with a spray wax that will give 1 month of protection. A higher level wash will result in contaminant-free paint, a slick surface, and a hand-applied paste wax or sealant. hand wax will last up to 1 year.


We remove minor scratches, imperfections and dull paint, resulting in revitalized paint, a brilliant shine and a high gloss finish! As a safety precaution, all sensitive material like plastics and rubber is professionally covered to avoid friction damage from polishing agents. As of now, we only provide a light polish for paint with minor swirls and scratches.